Why consign with Nest?

Nest Furnishings has raised the bar on consignment home furnishings and accessories in the Vail Valley. We have the Valleys largest showroom which allows us to display your furniture in beautiful vignettes. Furniture arrives weekly from all of our resort communities (Cordillera, Beaver Creek, Vail, Edwards & Eagle) and represents name brands from Henredon, Century, Baker, Ralph Lauren, etc.

What can I consign?

Nest accepts gently used household furnishings & accessories that are clean, in good condition, current style, and seasonally acceptable. Consigned items that are missing parts, chipped, cracked, broken, torn, faded, stained or in need of repairs will not be accepted. We also reserve the right to qualify items from a smoking or pet environment. We reserve the right to refuse any items due to condition, current inventory, or past experience.

How do you establish pricing?

We determine the retail price on all consigned merchandise based on similar items sales history and our experience. The brand of an item, its’ condition and current demand will assist us in pricing your consigned pieces.

How will I know if you will accept my consignment?

If you have multiple items and are within our local in-home viewing area, give us a call (970) 949-0989 to arrange for viewing of your items.

If there are just a couple of items, please email a photo and description of the items to.

Nest@vail.net Be sure to include your phone number and contact information so we may return your call. If you bring in a photo to the store, it also helps to bring a drawer, cushion, fabric swatch or arm cover to give us an idea of the quality of your consignment piece.

What percentage do I receive?

You will receive 50% of the determined sales price. A per item handling fee is added to each item received and paid by the buyer with no charge to you.

How long is my contract with Nest?

Nest Furnishings contract is based on a 75 day agreement. Your item will be priced, after 30 days it will reduce by 20%; after 45 days it will reduce a total of 35%; and after 60 days it will reduce to 50% of its’ original price. At any point, you will receive 50% of the determined sales price.

What happens at the end of my contract?

Your item will remain in Nests inventory for 5 days after the expiration of your contract. You may pick up your items within those 5 days. After the 80th day your items become the property of Nest to discount and recoup pickup charges or donate the items to local charities at their discretion.

Is there pickup and delivery services available?

Nest will pick up free of charge any items viewed and approved for consignment at Nest within the Vail Valley. There is a nominal delivery charge of $69.00 for delivery of purchased goods within the Vail Valley.

We can also refer you to several other moving companies that you may contract with to deliver your purchased items to the front range or across the country.

How will I get paid?

Nest Furnishings will mail checks to out of town consignors requesting a check. Nest will cut checks for all items sold in each calendar month on the 15th of the following month. (i.e. items sold March 1 – 31 will be paid on April 15) Consignors may monitor their account and inventory on line at myresaleweb.com.